Browse More Apps: not a valid option(s) for version

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Dear Splunk community,

I am having problems browsing for more apps in my Splunk installation as I am receiving the following error message.


The error seems to originate from the following endpoint:


{"status": 400, "errors": ["not a valid option(s) for version"]}


Some information about my setup:

  • Local installation on an Ubuntu machine
  • I am using Splunk version 7.0.0
  • Free license
  • I recently activated a custom certificate to encrypt traffic from my forwarders. This is working fine. However, I am not aware if this resulted in this error message but it is my best guess.


I am having troubles figuring out what to try next to fix this problem. I appreciate any hints that might help!

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Having the same issue! Does anyone know it's cause/solution?

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I have the same problems. I didn't find any solution to solve it😣.

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