Bluecoat proxy integration


Hi ,

I'm trying to integrate blue coat proxy with Splunk, however stuck at the below point.
The bluecoat proxy is sending its log in squid format through syslog to my indexer which app should i use ( TA- Blue coat or TA - Squid ) in order to make it CIM compatible.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The Splunk Add-on for Blue Coat ProxySG expects the ProxySG log files in W3C ELFF format. So this wont work for your log format.

You can try the AddOn for Squid PRoxy ( it is CIM compliant.

Most likely the AddOn for Squid Proxy will get you close, but you will need to update the header fields and extractions to reflect the additional BlueCoat fields. * This also depends on what version of BlueCoat you have and what fields you have enabled on the appliances..

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