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Could I create an application in splunk that requires no authentication? Since splunk already lives on our intranet, I'd like to give users access to dashboards without requiring them to log in.

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Yes. There are a few things you can do.

Here's an example site (from the guys who do the SplunkTalk podcast):

Take a look at this video blog post:

The gist is that you can use "insecure" authentication, and embed login credentials into the URL. Then, create a dedicated role for that user, giving it access to on the indexes, search commands, etc. that it actually needs. Maybe even assign a search filter. Also, create a dedicated search app, with just the dashboards you need, and make that the default for the user. Using a separate, stripped-down search head can also help limit your attack surface.

If you want to use always-on displays, the timeouts can be a problem as well, so see this thread:

Remember the common tradeoffs between security and usability apply, so doing this of course involves a bit of additional risk. Provided you're ok with that, this should get you started.


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