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After upgrading to Splunk 6.2, why can I no longer log in using saved credentials in Safari 8.0?

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Is it just me or Splunk 6.2 login page does not behave well in Safari 8.0?

I've updated Splunk and now cannot login using saved credentials in Safari 8.0 (OS X 10.10)

When selecting saved login information, login page throws "Invalid username or password." message without ever checking credentials.
I tried manually typing it in and it works.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The autocomplete issue is now in That and the above SPL are now fixed in 6.2.3


Also experiencing this bug or a similar one at a customer site. If they type the username and password slowly it works fine. Pasting also works, but typing the username or password quickly makes the text cursor jump one postiion back, rendering the username/password incorrect. This is very hard to spot for the password as it's all in asterisks.

The difference is that they use Chrome, but the same issue is experienced in IE.

Opening a support case.


I called this into Splunk support and they do not have records of this case. The support engineer opened this up as a p1, case 213126.

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If they want to link the cases my case number is 205503. No progress yet

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UPDATE 2015-02-03: The issue we are facing seems related to passwords with spaces, possibly also other special characters:

Hi Mikael,

Thank you for joining the webex session today.
As discussed I have filed bug SPL-96243 for this issue where the cursor jumps when typing fast a password with spaces.

I will let you know when it will be fixed once we have the information.


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