Advanced Edit Option not available for users other than Admin

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I am the admin for a clustered Splunk environment, we are running Enterprise Splunk version 7.3.2. I have several different Apps that my customers use and access to each app is managed via Active directory groups and LDAP authentication. I am struggling with the settings for an alert in a particular app. I am trying to determine how I can make the "Advanced Edit" option available to all users who have access to this particular App.

I have ensured that all roles associated with the App have write permissions for the alert. The only way I can get the "Advanced Edit" option to display is to make an individual user the owner of the alert. When I make a user the owner of the alert, only the owner and admin can see the "Advanced Edit" option from the Searches, Reports, and Alerts UI screen. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Any help you provide is greatly appreciated!!alt text alt text

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