AD Auth fails if /etc/resolv.conf is present

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Hi. We have successfully enabled Active Directory/LDAP Authentication in Splunk 4.1.3.

All works as expected.

However, when we have /etc/resolv.conf in place, logins never complete. Hitting the submit button results in a permanent "waiting for (search head)"

We have the LDAP server in authentication.conf specified by IP, so no lookup should be required.

The nameserver is responsive, if that matters.

Has anyone run across this problem?

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Re: AD Auth fails if /etc/resolv.conf is present


I personally haven't seen this issue. I have setup AD auth serveral times and not had an issues.And it works just fine with the resolve.conf .
Maybe there was/is a problem with your resolve.conf ?

Did you happen have the "search" option set to your domain ?


search myDomain.local


What did splunkd.log say ? You might want to enable debug in log.cfg is you are not seeing any specifics.

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