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I cloned an application mysearch from search, and created 2 dashboards --- dashboard1 and dashboard2.

Now, i was browsing dashboard1, but when i clicked the menu in navigator bar to change to dashboard2, i was kicked out to search/dashboard.

From firebug, i got the following "303 see other" tracking list.

get dashboard2( 303 see other

get login?return_to=%...( 303 see other

get search( 303 see other

get dashboard( 200 OK


Can anyone give me some suggestions about how to avoid the redirection?

Thanks & Best Regards,


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Dianbo,

In your copied app, did you update the default.XML file to change navigation or are you still linking to the original dashboard (not your new modified dashboard) from the default.XML file?

Thanks, Emma

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Hi Emma,

In the copied app, i updated the default.xml to change navigation, and i changed all menus to link to my own view.



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