get difference of 3rd and 2nd row



I was trying to get the difference of 2nd and 3rd row and display it as 4th status value, below is my search 

index = prod_e2 sourcetype=prod_csv type="n"
| dedup order
| stats count
| eval status = "first"
| append [search index=prod_e2 sourcetype=prod_csv type="n" and desc="2"
|dedup order
|stats count
| eval status="submit"
|table status count]
| append [search (index= prod_e2 sourcetype=prod_csv type="n" and stat_desc="2" and order_num !="0" ) or
(index = prod_e2 sourcetype=prod_csv)
| dedup order
| stats count
| eval status = "created"
| table status count]

I was able to get it as 

status        count
first              20
submit        10
created       50

but I want it as 

status                    count
first                           20
submit                     10
created                    50
difference               40

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| transpose 0
| eval "row 4"='row 3'-'row 2'
| eval "row 4"=if(isnull('row 4'),"difference",'row 4')
| transpose 0 header_field=column
| fields status count
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