Why do I get this message? "There are no results because the first scheduled run of the report has not completed."

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Hi. I have created a splunk report using a query that already runs in a dashboard. The query runs fine, but for some reason when I create a report out of it I get the message There are no results because the first scheduled run of the report has not completed. The report is scheduled to run and send an email, and the email does not send either presumably because of whatever issue is causing me to receive this message when clicking on the report. I have set up other reports in the same way which work fine, but just this one shows this message. I have looked at the below thread

but the only semi useful information about this issue is that it is a bug with the splunk version. Is that thread correct? If I just upgrade splunk will this behavior dissappear? Or how do I go about solving this issue?

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Hello Daniel,
Have you found any remediation for this issue?
We have Splunk 7.2.4

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