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I frequently use my 400+ splunk saved reports.   Thus im constantly accessing this url:

and then type into the search box in the middle (which filters the reports displayed in real-time).

Is there any direct url which can search/list my saved reports?  (ie a url that can give me the the same output as typing into the search box in the url above).

ie something like

(and then ill see any of my saved-reports where report-title matches "Cisco")

Im trying to add my splunk saved searches as a "My Search Engines" entry in Chrome browser, such that i can just type into the chrome url bar:   spr <tab> blah

(and it will bring me to a page showing any saved reports matching "blah" ).

The closest ive been able to pull out is a long splunk url which i can add a search query to, but it returns my saved-reports matches as raw JSON.  thanks


BTW: A super useful, related tip for others:

Im already doing this for splunk searches (this= chrome url bar -> splunk search results) via this url below (note the %s at the end, chrome uses %s to fill in what you have typed into the chrome url bar)

(the chrome setting for this is located in:   Settings -> Search Engine -> Manage Search engines -> "Other Search Engines" (Add) )

So using chrome keyword "sp" im able to type into the chrome url bar:   sp <tab> blah

and i get the splunk search results for "blah"  for the past 4 hours.

(ofcourse i can also do: " sp <tab> index=network blah "  ,  and so on )


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