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I have created a CSV report, but I want it's name to be dynamic based on one of the values present in the report.

I need to generate multiple report for different files processed by the system and name the report with the same file name.  This parameter is available in the report in one of the columns.

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Hi @KYAKUBO ..i am not much clear on your query..

i assume like have created a Splunk Report, which will generate a table format result, you are sending email notifications on each run.. you wanted the email attachment file name to be dynamic.

is that correct, please suggest, thanks.

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You are absolutely correct.  There value that I want to use for the attached CSV file is present in the CSV as one of the fields.  I was able to add that dynamic value to Alert Email Subject using the following structure: $result.repordCode$, where report code is a value from the search.

But cannot figure where and how update the output report name.

Any help would be appreciated.

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