Sending pdf report into shared storage

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I am a splunk version 5.0.4 (build 172409) user. I have a view with N-amount of charts and stats which is delivered weekly as pdf to AD group. Everything works like a clock.

However, we came to idea that we need a ftp/sftp/etc. storage for older reports. So you can view them later. I can copy it manually with every delivery, but would be great to automate it. So my question is:

Can i (within splunk) sent the same pdf report not only to the email, but to the storage server via scp/rsync/http/etc. ?

I have one idea to try splunk sdk and trigger pdf export with that. Will not be the same report as via mail, but at least something. (I am actually not aware is it possible to trigger pdf export like this)

Any ideas are welcome.


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Splunk Employee


It can be automated.
1. Have scheduled search to generate the report
2. then have another scheduled job to trigger a script to download the generated pdf for storage on NFS

For an example, try referencing this post


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