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Hi All,

I have some set of dashboards created and i have added some search queries as part of the dashboard.

I need to schedule the dashboards for every 1 hr. Hence i make use of the option "Schedule PDF Delivery" and give email ids to which my PDF needs to be delivered.

Since the pdf file name needs to be in a specific format , i modified the to make the pdf file name look something like

CPY Duration Report Type Date_format

CPY - is the company id

Duration - one of the following values: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Report_Type: the report name

Date_Format: yyyyMMddhhmmss

As of now i have hardcoded the company id. Example: "splunk"
I will be using the same company name as my index name.

I know indexes.conf has all the index names, but i cant reply on it since i may have multiple indexes.conf for different apps installed.

"/opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk" folder has all the indexes configured.

Is there any piece of code or a unique property file or anything programmatic way in which i will be able to get the configured indexes and use it in the

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

How do you know which index is related to which scheduled dashboard ?

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