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Hi I'm new to splunk. I have an web access log that I want to pull usage information from. Now the URLs are restful web service urls, so the url path is different for each service bing called. Also the name of the user calling the service is included in the path. like this:

So my question is how can I get splunk to report on the number of services being accessed, wich users are accessing what services and how often. Basically I guess I am asking how can I report on the data parsed from the URL.



Re: Restful URL access log reports


I did it using rex in sed mode. Suppose you have an index with some paths having URIs such as /service/devices/5302AFDCE0EA/operation, e.g. of access logs containing: - - [26/Sep/2014:18:01:07 +0200] "GET /service/devices/5302AFDCE0EA/operation HTTP/1.1" 200 112719 7085350

You can use rex to collapse all the URIs containing a unique device ID into a URI value /service/devices/${deviceId}/operation like this:

 index="web-logs" earliest=-30m latest=now | rex field=uri mode=sed "s/\/devices\/\\w+\//\/devices\/${deviceId}\//g"

Now you can group events by uri and you won't have a long tail of unique values clumped under "OTHER". You can chain multiple | rex ... commands to your SPL to process more URI patterns.

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