Report Creation - Top 5 successful logins by user


Dear Experts,

I was trying to create the report of the top 5 successful login by user.
index="wineventlog" sourcetype="wineventlog:security" "eventcode=4624" OR "eventcode=528" | top 5 user

Run above Simple query
Got the results
User Count
a 10
b 9
Now I want to see the log source from where user - a got the 10 count. I found host is the field where we can see the log source.

I need to write the query so that I can see same result including the field host(Log Source)

User Log_Source1 Log_Source2 Log_Source3 Total Count
a 4 4 2 10
b 5 3 1 9

Hope my question is clear

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately you cannot use the top command to get values, for this you'd need to use head.

If your Count field exists simply;

index="wineventlog" sourcetype="wineventlog:security" "eventcode=4624" OR "eventcode=528" | sort +Count | table User, Count, Host |  head 5

If it doesn't exist, you might need to use the Stats function, and then use head.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Mark

Above query return only one Column host , Actually I am looking for multiple columns of host from where got authenticated ,
User host1 host2 host3

Tim 3 4 5

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Hi @skathpal - Can you please provide an example of these logs, so we can take a look, and are your fields already set up? I.e. Host1 host2 host3?

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I see host1,host2,host3 are values in KV pair. You can create a chart that shows different values for these hosts.

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Ah, so they already exist,
if you try this search string, what happens?:

 index="wineventlog" sourcetype="wineventlog:security" "eventcode=4624" OR "eventcode=528" | eval host1_count=mvcount(split(host1,"<WHATEVER DELIMITS VALUES>"))-1 | eval host2_count=mvcount(split(host2,"<WHATEVER DELIMITS VALUES>"))-1|  eval host3_count=mvcount(split(host3,"<WHATEVER DELIMITS VALUES>"))-1 | eval "Total Successes"=host1_count+host2_count+host3_count | sort +"Total Successes" | table User, "Total Successes", host1_count, host2_count, host3_count |  head 5

It's just an idea at the moment

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