PDF generation removes X-axis labels if there are too many units in Splunk 6.2. Is there a workaround?


In Splunk 6.0 I had a dashboard panel that had an area chart with 31 days and the X-axis shows 1-31. All shows fine in the dashboard and when exported to PDF, X-axis was present.

After upgrade to 6.2 the dashboard shows fine still, but when exporting to PDF, the x-axis labels disappear. If I cut down the number of days in the panel search to 26 then it will export with the labels intact, but 27 and above cause the labels to disappear.

Text rotation makes no difference. How can I set the labels to be every other day?

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o to path

"C:\Program Files\Splunk\Python-2.7/Lib/site-packages/splunk/pdf/

Chnage setting for width from 600 to 1000 under class and then restart

def init(self, data, fields, props, locale, runningAsScript=False):
SvgBasedViz.init(self, data, fields, props, width=600, height=350, genSvgScriptName="gensvg.js",
runningAsScript=runningAsScript, locale=locale)

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excause me, is it possible to change the hard-coded value (600) by input parameter, but not increase the width value in the

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I have this issue as well, on Splunk 6.*

additionally I have found when rotating an axis to fit more labels on the x-axis, the pdf generator completely skips those panels in the report.

When using a horizontal disposition for axis labels, independent of a time span, I see far fewer x axis labels on the PDF report than are available in the web dashboard. Have any workarounds been identified?

The charts we leverage are pretty useless from a reporting standpoint, without the full set of axis labels.

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