[PDF Report Issue] We want to generate 'PDF File' on Local Server.

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Hi , Splunker

We are now generating PDF Report using 'Schedule PDF Delivery' in Splunk 5.0.0 Version.
But it has some problem that, Sometimes report is well sent, but other times it is not sent well.
So this problem is uncertain that network conneting issue, or pdf generating issue.

Splunk engineers of Technic partner consult that
* There is a lot of searches in PDF Report
* The overall splunk Archietecture is so poor that Just One Splunk Indexer is performing...
So, IO and CPU performance relatively pathetic.

We already know about this issues, but Splunk Project Schedule in Customer's Company is so delay..
and splunk developer have to do many jobs to change.

and have question that
1. Is it possible to generate PDF Report file on local server automatically?
2. If 1st question is possible, we want to know about some guide to apply.

We don't have much time to do that.
As soon as possible to know this issues. Thanks 😄

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I did it by setting up hMail server and running a VBScript to pick up all the PDF attachments and save them to disk. I did raise an enhancement request with Splunk regarding this, but haven't heard anything. With Splunk 6 coming out in October, I hope they have added this feature!

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I also would like to do this. If a pdf can be generated and emailed, surly it can be generated and dropped on the local disk somewhere.

Sounds simple...

Does anyone know how to do it?

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How did you manage to solve this issue?

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Its over a year since last post, I'm hoping this has been solved?

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