Need help in generating a custom report

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Hi Everyone,

I need to generate a customized report for analysing the error on the application server.

My log will be in the format as below.

2013.02.06- 13:51:32.186(PST)|0Lbw4V5QmkjbukJtDVxjTA==|hupy123456|Manoj|AccountDetails|mkmpbt51:18|token1: Nullpointerexception while processing the request.

The fields in the above log statement is as
Timestamp | application id | client id | clientname | classname | servername:instance|error details.

I want to generate a report with the above information by placing | as delimiter. and i need to get the unique count info of the errors.

Can any one guide me on this. Thanks.


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Thanks a lot, i am trying to work on.

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You may need to do some reading on field extractons for this to make much sense. But...

In transforms.conf

DELIMS = "|"
FIELDS = Timestamp,application_id,client_id,clientname,classname,servername_instance,error_details

In your search:

| stats count by error_details

or however you want to count and report. A few more details about the report would be helpful...

Some helpful info about field extractions:

Add fields at searchtime

Create advanced field extractions

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