Manual PDFs in non-letter page size?

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Is there a trick to convince the PDF-generator for the manuals to use a page size other than letter? My Kindle DX is almost exactly the dimensions of A5 paper; letter size gets scaled down to be a little too small. Availability of the documentation in an e-book format like ePub or Mobi would be better, but that's clearly an enhancement request; I am hoping that there is some accommodation for European customers that I could make use of.


If you'd like to know how to force the page size on PDFs generated by the splunk application, please see "reportPaperSize" here:

If this is a question about how to convert Letter sized PDFs to A5 sized PDFs so you can read them on your Kindle... please raise a ticket with support requesting the manuals in A5 size. Or google how to convert pdf page sizes... maybe you'd be interested in CutePDF.

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