Is it possible to sync updates to index?

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The scenario:

  1. via REST API, a scheduled search runs and updates an index, it adds values: Field1='A', Field2='1'; the splunk job is finished and finalized.
  2. via the REST API, the same scheduled search runs again and updates an index, it adds values: Field1='B', Field2='2'; the splunk job again is finished and finalized.
  3. another scheduled search runs and checks the content of the index ... but sometimes it only sees values Field1='A', Field2='1' ... it doesn't see the values submitted to the index the second time. When I run the same scheduled search a bit later, I already can see the values Field1='B', Field2='2'.

So, maybe it's a part of an optimization, but I would like to make sure in this particular case that when a job is done, the data is always available for another search after that.

Is there a way as how to achieve that? Thanks for any help!

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