Is it possible to send dashboard PDFs to an internal SharePoint site?


we have a requirement from the business team and they don't want to receive the scheduled reports in email, instead they want scheduled PDF's stored in share points links which are internal to the organization. we use Nexus portal, share point, wiki, intranet.

what are the possible ways to implement and achieve this kind of requirement?

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There used to be (and I mean VERY recently) an app to save to DropBox but it appears to have been deleted. You need a similar thing. Start here and find what you need or something similar that you can deconstruct and re-engineer:

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Hi rajgovd1,
In My Experience, I have seen two way to solve your problem:
Modify the Python script that schedules the Dashboard pdf send to call your portal's web services, or save your report on disk and execute a scheduled script that call your portal's web Services.
Obviouly the first one is better but requires a deep knowledge of Splunk Python scripts.

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thanks cusello.

regarding 2nd option,save your report on disk.
how do you want save it on disk?is it by curl?

what about python sdk,can we use python sdk to achieve my requirement?

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