How to display previous month's name in the subject of a scheduled report?


I have a report scheduled on 2nd of every month, giving the whole data of the previous month.

I would like to have it emailed with subject "Report for the month of "previous month". How do I display the previous month's name in the subject of the report automatically?

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I am not sure how to include a name in the title, but there probably is a way...
However, if you are creating a scheduled dashboard, you could have a panel in your dashboard like this:

| makeresults
| eval previous_month_begin = relative_time(now(),"-1mon@mon") 
| eval "Previous Month Start" = strftime(previous_month_begin, "%B %d, %Y") 
| eval previous_month_end = relative_time(now(),"@mon-1m") 
| eval "Previous Month End" = strftime(previous_month_end, "%B %d, %Y") 
| eval heading = 'Previous Month Start' " to " 'Previous Month End'
| fields heading

which makes a beautiful heading. You might want to show it as a single value panel at the top of the dashboard.

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