How to create a report where two values match from two different sources?


I am pulling data from two different sources. Each source contains data on a computer's serial number. I want to be able to generate a report when a serial number exists in both sources.

So I'm monitoring 2 folders for the following files which get updated every hour:

  1. ContactData.csv << This shows the contact data of who owns this server
    Serial=12345, Contact_Name=Dave Smirth, Phone_num=0123456789

  2. Software_violation << This shows a list of bad software running.
    SerialNum=12345; Software=Tor,uTorrent

In each source, the serials are in two different fields
1. "Serial Number supported"
2. System_Serial_Number

So I want a combined report output of

Dave Smith
Running Tor,uTorrent
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You would use a join here:

|inputlookup ContactData.csv | join Serial [ |inputlookup Software_violation | rename SerialNum as Serial] | table Serial, Contact_Name, Phone_num, Software

I assumed your Software_violoation was a lookup. If its not a lookup, replace "|inputlookup Software_violation" with "search sourcetype=Software_violation", or other relevant search.

Good Luck!



Try something like this (check the field names, especially in coalesce command)

(index=A source=source1) OR (index=B source=source2) | eval Serial=coalesce('Serial Number supported', System_Serial_Number) | stats values(Contact_Name) as Contact_Name values(Phone_num) as Phone_num values(Software) as Bad_Softwares by Serial
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Thank you for the "stats values" part as that has given a bit part which i was missing; how to show only some data.

But the "eval Serial=coalesce" isn't quite doing what i need. I want to only select values where the serial number exists in both sources.

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