How to access all private reports via REST API?



I can only save searches as private reports (user restrictions) with the web interface. These reports appear along with those created publicly by other users as follows:

Title                                           Owner      App          Sharing
Errors in the last 24 hours        nobody      search      App
Errors in the last hour               nobody      search      App
License Usage Data Cube        nobody      search      App
TServers_Requests                  myuser      search      Private
Videolibrary_Requests              myuser      search      Private

(Sorry for the formatting, but I don't know how to make tables with markdown)

Now I want to access those reports via the REST API, but when i make

curl -k -u myuser:passwd 

the only ones I see are the first three.

How can I see my private searches?

Thanks in advance.

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No wonder why nobody answered this: it was a problem of the configuration of my company's Splunk. It seems we have 2 searchers: one exposes the web and the other the API, and they don't share the reports, so, what you make in the web is not shown in the API (I will have to find why did they configure it that way, because it makes no sense)

Well, sorry to bother you guys with this question (that can be closed), but i didn't know this configuration.

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