Export PDF using IE fails

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Using firefox or chrome, I have no issues.

But, using IE 8, export results to pdf fails.

Instead of a pdf report, it pops up a blank screen. Occasionally it says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". If I refresh the screen, nothing. But if I click in the address bar, then hit return, then it gives me the pdf.

Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


Hi ben363,

IE8 is no longer supported, see docs about Browser_support

cheers, MuS

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The documents show that Splunk support for IE 8 stopped with Splunk 6.1. But I believe that Splunk 6.0 is still supported? We are running 6.0.

(I also note that Microsoft still support IE 8. It may be end-of-life, but that means support is ending, it doesn't mean that support has ended (depending on what OS you are running.))

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