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Hi, I have a dashboard with several charts that take some time to finish (like 2-4mins) and when scheduling them for PDF delivery i get PDF files for which screenshots were taken before dashboard finished loading.
I have tried extending necessary timeouts in following files:

firefox_timeout = 660


Even after setting 11 minute timeout PDF still sometimes does not finish in time?! Is there a way to pass argument to firefox only to print to pdf after XX minutes have passed? It seems that PDF is created sooner than timeout is reached.
Note: I have opened dashboard in my browser many times and it never takes more than few minutes.
What are recommended optimizations for efficient pdf reporting?

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I'm encountering the same issue and my queries are summary optimized. Further, the queries are prescheduled and the PDF Report is not loading two of the panels. The panels that are not loading are extra long -- contains 100's to over 1000 lines. It appears that PDF snapshot is not waiting for the entire dashboard to load before it captures the image.

When I manually load the dashboard it takes about 20 seconds to load, so not too long. Is there some setting that tells PDF snapshot to wait X time before capturing?

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Just out of curiosity, would scheduling the individual queries in the dashboard to automatically run, say, 6 minutes before the dashboard's scheduled time help with this? So, in theory, when the dashboard job is kicked of, it'd just grab the the cached query results.

Another work around is to optimize the individual queries in the dashboard by utilizing the summary index.

Hope this helps.


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