Create and Send Report With 2 or More Queries


Hello. I'm wondering if I can have an email with 2 queries:
* The 1st one would have a timechart, and (query 1)
* The 2nd one would have the specific details of the previous chart (query 2)

The idea is to get a single email with both, the PDF with the visual chart and with the CVS file with the details.

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Re: Create and Send Report With 2 or More Queries


Hi jslealdi,
the only way to do this is using a php script.
I know tat is is possible, but I cannothelp you.

As a workaround, if could be acceptable for you, you could create a dashboard with both the panels (but without inputs) and then schedule this dashboard sending it by email, but without the attached csv, only a pdf with both the panels.


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