Can you disable all acceleration in data models?


Splunk version 6.0.5 CANNOT set configs in "datamodels.conf" to disable acceleration of data models.

Use case, some apps come with data models already accelerated and cause storage issues after a while.

Tried to set the default stanza with acceleration disabled, did not take effect.

acceleration = 0 

Placed in the following directory path


Please make a way to disable acceleration without having to specify each data model in the conf.

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retry to place your datamodel file here in this path $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/datamodels.conf

replace your boolean expression 0 by false
like this:

acceleration = false
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0 or false would not matter.

By default when disabling from the UI, the value turns to 0.

I have already tried placing in etc system.

There seems to be no configuration to actually disable all acceleration for data models, unless told otherwise.

I bring this up because my scenario, the PAN app has 3 data models by default that are accelerated. I want to disable them before installing the app.

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I know this is late but you could create a custom role that does not have the following capability:

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