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What should we name Splunk User Groups? How about splunk>local ?

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We want to empower you to hold your own Splunk regional User Group meetings--what do you think of calling them, Splunk>local? What tools do you need? (more details and self-service user group strategy/ tools coming soon!)

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splunk>local 514 (the syslog port)

I don't know about splunk>local, reminds me of a union. haha!

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/usr/local/splunk 🙂

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Splunk>FTL (For The Locals)


splunk>local is fine, but it could be fun to play off the spelunking theme and call it Rapell: Getting down with other splunkers. Rapelling (or abseilling) is a technique used in caving and climbing to descend to a desired destination. I think the metaphor works for splunkers who want to get together with others for a common missions of getting deeper into the splunk tools and what can be done with them.


I like the ongoing theme of spelunking, but IMHO that would be too native-english-speaker specific?

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