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Could the splunk documentation be less verbose and more precise.

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This is an example from the following section of the documentation.

Send all events from a data input to a specific index

To send all events from a particular data input to a specific index, add the following line to the input's stanza in inputs.conf on <strike> the Splunk Enterprise component where the data is entering the system:</strike> either the indexer itself or a forwarder sending data to the indexer:

index = <index_name>

The following example inputs.conf stanza sends all data from /var/log to an index named fflanda:

disabled = false
index = fflanda

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There's a whole team dedicated to improving documentation at Splunk and first you have to admit they have written some pretty solid documentation, better than quite a bit of "enterprise" software documentation out there.

But recognizing that there is always room for improvement, if you look at the bottom of each page you will find a feedback form under the "Was this topic useful?" tab. If you ever feel a particular topic or page could be improved, click on that tab and submit that form to shoot a message straight to the documentation team. In my experience they have always been really quick to get back to me (when I leave my email address anyways), either by submitting fixes, or even sometimes pointing out assumptions that I am making reading the text and how the existing text is actually better.

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