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Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring | Navigator Customization and Log Charts in Navigators Now Available in IM

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We’ve released new enhancements to the navigators within Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring (IM) to give users greater context and flexibility as they expand visibility and troubleshoot across their environments.

What’s New?

Navigator Customization 

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 8.47.39 AM.png

This new capability allows Observability Cloud admins to customize the dashboards displayed for a given IM navigator so users can quickly extend the built-in content to align with their unique business needs. Prior to this release, the IM navigators only linked to the standard built-in dashboards, which couldn’t be easily updated to show metrics that were most relevant to your business. Now admins can select the new “Manage navigator dashboards” option from the navigator screen in the UI to open the navigator settings view where they’ll be able to configure the dashboards displayed for that navigator, including: 

  • Adding custom dashboards
  • Hiding a built-in dashboard and 
  • Reordering the dashboards in the navigator 

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Log Charts in Navigators

Building on our recent enhancements to the Kubernetes navigator, this release delivers in-context troubleshooting with the logs-in-dashboards integration. With Kubernetes navigator, engineers get immediate visibility to their Kubernetes environment with automatic discovery and instrumentation through auto-telemetry. Direct integration of logs provides users with complete, in-place views of related data from logs to metrics to traces so you can easily monitor availability and troubleshoot problems without context switching.

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