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Platform Highlights | November 2022 Newsletter

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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November 2022



Skill Up on Splunk with our New Builder Tech Talk Series

Can you build it? Yes you can! *play the Bob the Builder song* Our newest series of Tech Talks is focused on builders - from users who create dashboards and extend the platform with Splunkbase add-ons to advanced builders who develop their own custom apps. In this series, dashboard builders can learn methods to more efficiently create dashboards within Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise 9.0, and how to make them more performant while using fewer search resources.

Discover how to get even more from Splunk using Splunkbase add-ons and apps to tackle expanding security, ITOps, AIOps, and DevOps use cases and more. App builders can learn how to use the new Splunk Cloud Developer Edition to test and validate custom apps for cloud readiness. Sign up for one, some, or all of the Builder Tech Talk series today!



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Splunk Assist: Cloud-Powered Insights for Your Enterprise Deployment

We’re excited to introduce a new release of Splunk Assist! If you missed the buzz about Splunk Assist® we’ll fill you in: it’s a cloud-connected service for Splunk Enterprise that allows you to monitor your deployment and see recommendations to improve your security posture.

Assist does this by providing the following:

  • Active monitoring: No need to hunt for critical security gaps
  • Actionable insights: No need to look for docs and tutorials to fix issues as you go
  • Powered by the cloud: Continuous improvements at your doorstep mean no need to keep up with version upgrades and security patch upgrade
  • Security first: Data isolation and authentication best practices

This release allows customers to activate Assist with the click of a single button. Check out this blog to learn more about Splunk Assist.




Introducing the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning 5.0

The Deep Learning Toolkit App for Splunk (DLTK) will be renamed the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL). It’s slightly lengthy, but a better-suited name because the app is useful for both deep learning and data science operations.

Not only is it getting a new name and new features - The Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning 5.0 is officially a “Splunk Supported” app. This means that customers can resolve issues quickly by filing a case with the confidence they’ll be supported after downloading the app. Learn more in this blog.


A Deeper Dive Into Machine Learning at Splunk

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can help offer more prescriptive introductions into using ML at Splunk and I’m pleased to present our set of MLTK deep dives. These build on some of the content presented at recent webinars, such as the one on how to prevent data downtime with machine learning.

The purpose of the deep dives is to provide end-to-end guides for how to implement specific use cases against your own data in Splunk, so if you are looking for inspiration over where to get started with ML you need not look any further than this blog!


Upcoming Events

Builder Tech Talk Series

Check out these 30 minute Tech Talks. Join us and learn how to build and customize Splunk for any use case.

December,1 | Streamlined Dashboard Building: Productivity Tips and Tricks. Register

January,10 | How to get Value Quickly from the New Splunkbase User Experience. Register

January,17 | Understanding DevOps Pipeline Analytics with Splunkbase Apps. Register

January, 24 | Building Your Own Security Solution with Splunkbase Apps. Register

January, 31 | Splunk Cloud Developer Edition. Register


Now On Demand

  • Improving Dashboard Performance and Resource Usage. Watch
  • The Developer's App Starter Kit. Watch
  • Admin Console: A Single, Unified Interface for All Your Cloud Admin Needs. Watch
  • Simplifying Your Data with Splunk and Google Cloud Platform. Watch
  • Splunk Assist: Cloud-Powered Insights at Your Fingertips. Watch


Splunk Quarterly Advisories

Customers are at the center of everything we do at Splunk and security is our top priority. We are committed to helping customers identify and remediate security issues quickly, and plan to provide advisories and patches for any vulnerability considered “Critical” or “High” risk as close to real-time as possible. For vulnerabilities that are considered “Moderate” or “Low” risk, we’re planning quarterly releases so that Splunk administrators can plan for patches and upgrades on a predictable schedule.

On November 2, Splunk published thirteen Security Advisories regarding potential vulnerabilities related to Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform. Please review our FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions for the November advisories.

We plan to publish quarterly updates on the first Tuesday of each Splunk fiscal quarter. The next three anticipated dates are:

  • February 7, 2023
  • May 2, 2023
  • August 1, 2023


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Over 20 FREE eLearning Courses Help You Up-Skill with Splunk

Splunk can give you the superpowers you need to save the day. Our latest survey shows that the strongest superheroes up-skill with Splunk Education. That’s why we are making Splunk training easier and more accessible than ever with more than 20 self-paced, free eLearning courses. Start with foundational courses like Intro to Splunk or dive into more advanced courses like Search Under the Hood, Visualizations, and many more. Enroll today so you have the skills to detect the good, the bad, and the unproductive.

Oh, and you can stand out as a data superhero with Splunk swag! If you are one of the first 500 learners to complete three or more unique FREE eLearning Courses between 11/14/22 - 1/31/23, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100 to spend on Splunk t-shirts, socks, water bottles, and so much more! Terms and Conditions apply.




Ongoing Blog Series on OpenTelemetry: Use OpenTelemetry to Auto Instrument WordPress

 OpenTelemetry is often associated with modern microservices and cloud-native applications. What happens if we apply OpenTelemetry and modern observability techniques to something completely different? WordPress is the world's most popular weblog software. And it's also an almost 20 years old monolith. What happens if we use OpenTelemetry auto tracing and the Splunk Observability cloud?

Imagine you are responsible for running WordPress sites. What insights can we bring with modern tools to a popular monolith? Just by instrumenting the environment, without any changes to the WordPress code.

Read the blog post to learn about this process step-by-step!



Do More with Lantern


The Lantern team are excited to announce that we have partnered with Splunk’s OnDemand Services team on a live chat feature to help you solve problems in real-time. The chat system connects you instantly to one of our OnDemand experts, who can help with the specifics of articles, as well as connect you to other ways you can get help.

This initial trial of our chat feature is only available until Friday, November 18, so hop onto Lantern today and test it out with your most urgent Splunk implementation questions.

Read about this and see all our latest articles in our monthly blog.


Find an App with Splunkbase


It’s been over a month since the new Splunkbase released as the default experience. Thanks for the supportive feedback you have given! We hope that in addition to using the improved search engine you are also following the Trending Apps on Splunkbase and the New Splunk Built and Supported Apps sections just down the home page.

Currently trending are the popular Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows and the Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux. And with the new month comes a new update of the Splunk ES Content Update  with lots of new and updated security insights.



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