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Observability Newsletter | September 2023

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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September 2023 




Session Replay - Now In Splunk RUM Enterprise Edition!


We are delighted to announce a significant enhancement to the Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM) product: the general availability of Browser Session Replay. With Session Replay now at your fingertips, you can bid farewell to guesswork in troubleshooting user journey issues and experience a substantial reduction in the mean time to resolution (MTTR). Session Replay empowers you to witness firsthand what your users experience on your site, paving the way for optimized user experiences and enhanced performance.  Explore the RUM Product Tour to learn more!





Speed up Troubleshooting With The Latest Enhancements To Splunk APM AutoDetect

Our new APM Detectors help engineering teams simplify alert creation and effectively detect abnormalities in traffic patterns. In one step, you can create detectors within the context of familiar capabilities like service map, tag spotlight, and APM’s landing page. Additionally, you can now create detectors based on request rate to understand abnormalities in traffic patterns. These innovations build on Splunk’s ability to use ML and AI to deliver more efficient alerting. From measuring sudden changes in your metric time series data with Autodetect for Infrastructure Monitoring, to detecting changes in service health and performance with APM, we’re arming you with the most accurate alerting, with even less manual effort.




ICYMI: Learn How Dynamic Dashboard Analytics Can Help You Simplify Troubleshooting

Dynamic Dashboard Analytics makes it easier to troubleshoot issues using Splunk Observability Cloud dashboards. With a simple chart configuration, you can ensure that viewers of your dashboard will be able to find the source of problems faster.

Read on.




New Entity Status RCA Remediation Capabilities In ITSI


Have you ever wondered why your status in your infrastructure overview page shows “unstable” when you have entities linked? Now, you can identify the root cause and remediate through an in-product experience. With this new remediation capability in ITSI 4.17, you can gain visibility to why it’s marked “unstable” and troubleshoot the issues to ensure the status accurately reflects active or inactive based on its current state. With this new feature, we’ve also added: 

  • new entity_status_tracking property in itsi_import_objects search command 
  • new discovery search cleanup command | cleanupentitydiscovery 

Learn more




Catch The State of Observability 2023 Webinar Replay

Missed it live? Catch the replay! Hear from ESG’s senior analyst Jon Brown and Splunk’s Observability Practitioner Director Greg Leffler as they discuss what they see in the data from our latest State of Observability research survey and what they are hearing from observability practitioners like you. This session will also cover thematic findings related to cloud usage, hybrid application architectures, AIOps, and the convergence of various monitoring solutions. 

Watch here.




Use Case Explorer

See and read about our completely updated Use Case Explorer content on Splunk Lantern!  You can find prescriptive guidance from Splunk that will guide you on your digital resilience journey from foundational visibility to optimized experiences.




Platform Updates

Flatten the SPL Learning Curve: Introducing Splunk AI Assistant for SPL

Learn more about the preview of Splunk’s generative AI offering! Read this blog to discover how the Splunk AI Assistant uses an AI-powered chat experience to help new users quickly get up to speed with SPL and advanced users unlock more out of Splunk by providing query suggestions, explanations, and detailed breakdowns.


Fastest Time-to-Value Anomaly Detection in Splunk: The Splunk App for Anomaly Detection 1.1.0

Brand new to ML and looking for an easy way to get started? Check out the Splunk App for Anomaly Detection to help you find anomalies in your dataset in just a few clicks! You can unlock the power of ML in your everyday workflows, while also simplifying tasks that are historically complex and time consuming. 

Looking for more AI and ML content? Check out the new AI and ML tab on the Essentials Board to kickstart your journey.


October 2023 Customer Advisory Boards

Sign up and join our October 2023 Customer Advisory Boards! You’ll get access to previews of new products and capabilities, interact with industry experts and provide feedback to influence the future of Splunk products. Use this link to sign up!

Contact us at with any questions.




Tech Talks, Office Hours and Lantern


Tech Talks

Observability Edition | From Clicks to Conversions: Tune Performance from the User Perspective. Now On-Demand

Platform Edition |  Introduction to Splunk AI September 27 at 11 am PT




Community Office Hours

Interested in getting live help from technical Splunk experts? Join our upcoming Community Office Hour sessions, where you can ask questions and get guidance on all things OpenTelemetry, Risk-Based Alerting, and Enterprise Security. Limited Spots Available - Register Now!



Splunk Lantern 

Did You Know: Splunk Edge Processor common use cases

Use Splunk Edge Processor to accelerate your pre-ingest data transformation capabilities! Let Splunk Lantern walk you step-by-step through two common use cases to help you get started: masking IP addresses and routing designated events to specific indexes.




Education Corner


O11y, O11y Oxen Free

Today, we’re talking about free O11y education courses! Did you know that Observability is  abbreviated as O11y and is defined as the ability to measure the internal states of a system by examining its outputs? Organizations use observability tools to improve the performance of their distributed IT systems – solutions like the from Splunk designed to help organizations gain insight into and understanding of their applications and infrastructure. If you’re new to Splunk, find out how it works by taking our  free O11y training, including our newest courses:  Introduction to Log Observer Connect and Optimizing Metrics Usage with Splunk Metrics Pipeline Management.  


Splunk Education Spans the Globe

Have you ever wondered how you can access Splunk Education Training and Certification in your own region, in your own language, with local support? Well wonder no more! The Splunk Authorized Learning Partner (ALP) program is an extension of Splunk Education – offering you access to the quality of education you've come to expect from us. ALPs offer courses that dive into Cloud, Security, and Observability for administrators, architects, and users – in your language, timezone, and location. Find out more about our global learning partners today. 





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