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New This Month - SLO Capabilities, APM Advanced Filtering & Usage Analytics Plus Automatic Discovery & Configuration

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

More for SLO Management

We’re continuing to expand the built-in SLO management experience in Splunk Observability Cloud to help make it easier for you to track the reliability and performance of the services that impact your critical user journeys and business goals. The latest enhancements give users the options to create SLOs based on service performance and to add SLOs to custom dashboards. 

Latency-Based SLOs

You can now create SLOs based on the performance of your services being monitored with Splunk APM in addition to creating SLOs based on service availability. When creating a new SLO, you’ll now see the option to select Request Latency for the indicator type to create a performance SLO based on latency.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 4.57.01 PM.png

Add SLIs to Dashboards

We’ve also added the capability to add SLI charts to your dashboards. You’d simply click on the three dots menu on an SLO from the SLOs tab and select Add to Dashboard to add that SLO to an existing or new dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 2.01.15 PM.png

These capabilities are available to all Observability Cloud customers at no additional cost. Review our product documentation to learn more.

Automatic Discovery and Configuration for IM for MongoDB, Kafka

We’ve extended Automatic Discovery and Configuration for IM to MongoDB and Kafka. With this capability enabled by the Splunk Distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector, Observability Cloud users can quickly discover and collect metrics from supported third-party applications without any additional configuration. By simply opting into automatic discovery, users can streamline the process of getting data into the platform and shorten their time to value. Learn more

APM Advanced Filtering & Usage Analytics are now available!

Advanced Filtering

Splunk APM now enables flexible filtering through wildcard and NOT support. Additionally, APM provides more control over the Service Map display through advanced service filters. With these new capabilities, users can filter on entities of interest (e.g. services starting with ecommerce) and exclude noisy operations (e.g. health checks) to expedite troubleshooting. Additionally users can easily view the hotspots in their application environment (e.g. top 50 services by error rate).

Usage Analytics

This feature gives APM users greater control over their data and their costs. Users can now:

  • Identify the set of services that are sending the most spans and work with the appropriate teams to potentially reduce the chattiness of the service
  • Identify the set of tags that are not critical and could filter them out at the collector
  • Identify the longest traces and optimize their span generation
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