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New! Splunkbase and Splunk Answers Integration

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Today, we're unveiling a revamped integration between Splunk Answers and Splunkbase, designed to elevate your experience with Splunkbase apps. Now, each Splunkbase app will feature its own dedicated 'product page' on Splunk Answers.

splunkbase announcement ss2.jpg  image (6).png


This new layout simplifies app-specific conversations, making it easier than ever for customers, developers, partners, and Splunkers to collaborate and solve challenges.

About Splunkbase:

Splunkbase is a marketplace where Splunk customers can download apps for the Splunk Cloud Platform or Splunk Enterprise environment, or Splunk SOAR. Developers can also upload their own Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform apps to share them with the Splunk community.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 8.19.03 PM.png

About Splunk Answers:

Splunk Answers is a discussion forum for the Splunk community to engage in dialogue regarding Splunk. It serves as a knowledge base to help customers engage with each other, Splunk employees, and app developers. This integration improves the experience between two key tools used by the community. 

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 9.08.48 PM.png

This integration offers three key benefits:

  • First, customers will be able to easily find a knowledge base of previously asked and answered questions regarding specific apps, allowing faster self-service issue resolution.

  • Second, developers will be able to communicate directly with users of their apps, enabling better asynchronous troubleshooting of issues.

  • Third, developers will be able to source feedback from the discussions to educate any future enhancements to their apps. 

The best part? In order to take advantage of this integration, developers do not need to do anything! App listings will automatically be updated to point to new Splunk Answers app discussions.

(Note: when creating a new listing, it may take up to 24 hrs to create a new corresponding Splunk Answers app discussion. Upon initial creation, the app listing will temporarily point to the generic All Apps and Add-Ons page.)

We hope this new functionality makes it easier to use and extend Splunk. For questions and comments, reach out to or


Will this be linked to existing posts about an app? If I follow the link for the Splunk Add-on for Windows, I get to here and nothing is shown:

Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows - Splunk Community

But if I do a search for splunk add-on for windows I see a lot of results:

splunk add on for windows Community search 

Will this just be for new posts?

Also, how would we ask a question?  Currently the "Ask a Question" button is disabled for any Splunkbase app I click-through to here.  Here's a screenshot of the windows add-on:


(asking for a friend that is looking to publish their first Splunkbase app in the near future... 😊)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey _JP! 

The app pages in Splunk Answers relies on a app/product tag to show the relevant discussions. Any new discussions created via the app's Splunk Answers page will be tagged. TBD on whether we can go back through the older discussions to tag those with the app/product tag. 

Thanks for reporting the bug! We have our Khoros team working on it now.


Sounds good. I'm excited to see this grow over time.


Is there a way we (community members) can tag stuff as we see them?  For example, this was recently posted about the Windows app:

How to upgrade Splunk add-on for Windows is versio... - Splunk Community

Is it as easy as adding a tag so they get picked up? I tried adding 742 as a tag to that post but no luck.  🙂 



Hi @dhosaka ... last week, if i remember correctly, the communities, at the lower side of the page, used to have page numbers.. so we can go to page 2 and check the questions, discussions and answers.

After this upgrade/integration, i dont see those page numbers. now, this last one week, i am not able to go to second page actually. 

edit - removed users tagging, thanks.  


I've noticed some funky stuff, but I've also seen things being fixed so my guess is people are behind the scenes addressing things.  Is there one place that we could keep track of things - @GretchenFox is there a place we should keep track of things we find that aren't working quite right and share info on how to replicate/resolve?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@_JP just continuing to post as comments here or on the other nav bar announcement post is totally fine, or you can always PM me or reach out on the community Slack! We know there are still a few bugs that are being worked out and you guys are probably able to catch things more quickly than us just from regular use of the site! We appreciate you!!


Here is one that I'm noticing:

Issue Description:

When I am logged in and on the main page, if I click the View All link for the Top Karma authors it focuses the results to the just News & Education area instead of the entire site.  



Replication Steps:

1. Log out of community site

2. Visit

3. Click View All for Top Karma Authors.  Data displayed is for the community site as a whole.

4. Log into community site

5. Visit

6. Click View All for Top Karma Authors.  Data displayed is for the News & Education only


Community Manager
Community Manager

@_JP  I see you were able to add the tag "742" to How to upgrade Splunk add-on for Windows is versio... - Splunk Community  I wanted to make sure if you were still having trouble adding tags to any other post.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@inventsekar Thanks for bringing this up. Pagination, on the main community activity page, was removed by design to help users easily find questions based on specific apps and categories in their respective boards. 



@Anam - I was able to add a 742 tag to that particular post, but it doesn't look to pick it up when viewing the app's page within the community:

Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows - Splunk Community

And 742 is the app number for that particular app:

Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows | Splunkbase




@Anam & @GretchenFox 


I wanted to follow up on the Top Karma Authors link on the main page.  It's not working in a different way now when I am logged in compared to what I reported above.  Instead of trying to show "News & Education" it is now trying to display karma for "Community" and doesn't display anything.  When logged out it displays the karma authors correctly for a category called "Splunk Community."  It seems like a hardcoded value that is incorrect.

I have also cleared my cookies and tried again with the same behavior depending on if I am logged into the community or not.

Here is a screenshot after clicking View All on the main page when logged out:


Here is what clicking View All on the main page looks like when logged in:




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