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Enterprise Security Content Update (ESCU) | New Releases

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Last month, the Splunk Threat Research Team had 3 releases of new security content via the Enterprise Security Content Update (ESCU) app (v4.26.0, v4.27.0, and v4.28.0). With these releases, there are 18 new analytics, 1 new analytic story, 31 updated analytics, and 2 updated analytic stories now available in Splunk Enterprise Security via the ESCU application update process.

Content highlights include:

  • A new analytic story and detections for CVE-2024-27198 and CVE-2024-27199. This security content addresses critical authentication bypass vulnerabilities in JetBrains TeamCity. To learn more about these vulnerabilities and security content, check out our blog.
  • Six new detections for remote monitoring management (RMM) software abuse contributed by @nterl0k. Thank you!

New Analytics (18)

New Analytic Stories (1)

Updated Analytics (31)

Updated Analytic Stories (2)

The team also published the following 3 blogs:

For all our tools and security content, please visit

— The Splunk Threat Research Team

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