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Splunk Cloud: No longer able to save a Real-time alert


A couple of weeks ago I took a screenshot of the "Save As Alert" window. Alert type Real-time was available.

Today, my colleagues discovered that we can no longer do so, the only alert type is "Scheduled".

Our admin role has the schedule_rtsearch capability set, but we are not able to find the "rtsearch" capability mentioned in the documentation as also required.

Has the latest Splunk Cloud version upgrade to 9.0.2305 removed that capability? Or am I missing something?


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Hi @SeanBatt,

Real Time searches are usually disabled for not admin users un Splunk Cloud to reduce the CPU use, but it's permitted for admins also in alerts.



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I agree it makes sense to disable for non-admins, 

We are using our admin accounts. 

The screenshot I took shows we had access to it a fortnight ago. I suspect something changed in the Matrix, but perhaps I'm wrong. Having the schedule_rtsearch capability set but not being able to see even see the rtsearch capability is unusual, isn't it? 


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