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How to create a report in Excel format ( .xls)


Splunk generates five .csv files which I import to an excel sheet to make a complete workbook which contains five tabs, tab_one tab_two tab_three tab_four tab_five

I am importing each csv file to each tab:

file1.csv to tab_one
file2.csv to tab_two
file3.csv to tab_three
file4.csv to tab_four
file5.csv to tab_five

My requirement is to reduce this manual task, means, I want to directly generate an excel sheet from splunk which would contain all the five tabs along with the data corresponding to each tab..

please suggest !!


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I think the only option is to use the api to get the results and create the .xls file. In python, it should be easy. If you have access to the api and want help to develop this, I can make an example.

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Kindly check the excel tutorial
I hope you can solve your problem
thanks a lot

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I would check out OData for Splunk.



I am not finding any way to do that...please help me with the correct procedure


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Currently I don't believe this capacility currently exists in Splunk. If you have some programatic skills you could use the REST API then build your Xls workbook Or have Splunk build your csv then excel macro read the csv to the correct tab.



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