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Events not showing up using summary data

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Hi,  I have a report that pulls daily transaction counts from a summary index.  Running the report for "month to date", I don't get results from every day.  
My search is this: 


index=summary search_name=Summarization_Daily_Txn App IN ("XXX")) endpoint="ZZZZ"
| bin _time span=1d
| stats sum(Count) AS Txn_Count  by _time
| addcoltotals


Gives me this output:


The Dec 2, 4th and 5th totals are missing.    Yes,  I have verified that there are counts for those days. 

If I run the report so that it spans just Dec 4th and 5th, the counts show up.   Just not if I run it using earliest=@mon latest=@d

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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