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I have this error continually coming up in my splunkd.log and I cannot figure out where I need to put in the conf-change stanza. Is there a way to get a file or app location from this error?

05-23-2013 23:40:04.486 -0400 ERROR SearchParser - Could not find macro 'conf-change' that takes 0 arguments. Expecting stanza name 'conf-change'.

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This should locate the conf-change
grep -R conf-change etc/*

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This means that you have a search that is trying to run with a "conf-change" macro, but it's not finding it. The simplest way of figuring out what is going on is to identify what app the "conf-change" macro is defined vs what app the search that is using it is defined (a couple of simple text searches through your *.conf files should get you both answers).

Once you have identified these things you can ensure that the macro's permissions allow it's usage from outside the app it's in, or clone the macro to the app that the search is in.

Hope this helps.

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