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splunk monitor console forecasting when cpu or memory will reach 100%

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I would like to be able to monitor cpu and memory usage, so that I can identify a trend for the increase in usage, and predict a time when full utilisation will occur

so for example I would like to be able to have a chart showing cpu usage gradually rising, with the line continuing into the future showing when 100% usage will be reached?

is this possible, and if so how? I have seen a demo where the predict command which might be a way forward?


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Are you gathering cpu utilization through events, scripts, logs or metric store? If you gave an example of the base search, it would help in understanding your metric fields and the how best to use predict in your scenario. You should also look at the x11 command as well.

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At a basic level, yes predict can be used:

<base search where metric=cpu and value is integer>| predict value

There are ways to tune predict with different algorithms: You can also take a look at the machine learning toolkit for some more advanced prediction:

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