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role Permission on local.meta


I have local.meta file in that i have specified the app's read permission to some Role's like 3 different roles so that the users belongs to that role can access the app. but my question is if we put read permission as * on reports ,Do those reports can be read by other roles beside 3 roles or they can be read only by app specific read roles ?

version = 6.3.0
modtime = 1461214928.341865000

version = 6.3.0
modtime = 1461214928.358444000

access = read : [ X1,X2,X3 ], write : [ power_role ]
export = none
version = 6.5.2
modtime = 1501280033.818796000

version = 6.3.0
modtime = 1461214928.365186000

[savedsearches/Sample REPORT]
access = read : [ * ], write : [ power_role ]
export = none
owner = XXXXX
version = 6.3.4
modtime = 1471988491.914745000

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If you put * you're effectively allowing any other user to read the report in the app IF the report is shared at the app or global level. Private reports will not be affected.

They will be able to see the report regardless of what app they are in by going to reports -> and clicking "all apps".

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