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how to blacklist the file which is being monitored in two different stanza for the same log


Can any one help how to blacklist a file , the file is monitored and linked in two stanzas

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can you please update us your inputs.conf..

Blacklist (ignore) files
To define the files you want to exclude from indexing, add the following line to your monitor stanza in the /local/inputs.conf file for the app this input was defined in:

blacklist = <your_custom_regex>

If you create a blacklist line for each file you want to ignore, Splunk software activates only the last filter.

To ignore and not monitor only files with the .txt extension:

    blacklist = \.txt$

To ignore and not monitor all files with either the .txt extension OR the .gz extension (note that you use the "|" for this):

    blacklist = \.(?:txt|gz)$

To ignore entire directories beneath a monitor input refer to this example:

    blacklist = archive|historical|\.bak$

This example tells Splunk software to ignore all files under /mnt/logs/ within the archive or historical directories and all files ending in *.bak.

To ignore files whose names contain a specific string, you can do:

   blacklist = 2009022[89]file\.txt$

This example ignores the webserver20090228file.txt and webserver20090229file.txt files under /mnt/logs/.

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