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Why am I receiving browser issues with dashboard modification?

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With browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, we are experiencing problems.
We have observed that Splunk dashboard modifications do not reflect on various bowers.

Even after refreshing the dashboard, I keep seeing old results. This problem has been tried out within the team. and everyone is facing the same. 
Additionally, if I check MS Edge, it appears that changes are reflecting, but not in Chrome.

If I update dashboard in Google Chrome. it is not showing for others
and if I refresh chrome, change will be discard but still showing on edge only for me with same link.

if my teammate do changes they also facing same issue. they can see the changes reflecting in edge but not in chrome.

Is it normal behavior 

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following this thread as I face the same issue

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I have been told that this is a issue with search head not updated the time I was getting issue.
this can be fix by restart or by update. check your search head version.

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Hello @cbiraris ,

Which version of Splunk are you using? Are you using Dashboard Studio or Classic Dashboard? Could you please share examples of modifications that are not showing on different browsers (is this only splunk configurations or some custom code using javascript, for example)?



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Version: 8.2.2203.3

I am using Classic Dashboard. 

For example,  if I add a new gauge or modify the title of any existing gauges. The worst part is that clone dashboards don't display in just one browser and do so simultaneously in other browsers when searched for

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