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Splunking custom windows performance counters


Our developers have created a custom Windows performance counter for an in-house application. I can see the Object and Counter using Windows Perfmon, but I am not able to collect the data using splunk. We have many performance counters being collected by splunk, so I am quite familiar with the syntax to set this up. Any one have any thoughts around why this would not work? I do not get any errors on my splunkd.config on startup.


Check whether you can access the counters using perfmon on the local machine (assuming you have a forwarder on the local machine that is doing the collection). You may also need to use the 64 bit or 32 bit version of perfmon depending on whether your application is 64 bit or 32 bit.

Sometimes the alignment of the counters gets corrupt and you need to rebuild the counter definitions in the registry.

Another point is that the Splunk forwarder must have sufficient privileges to access the perfmon data (typically needs to run with an account that has local administrator rights).

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