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Hi all -
Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

My question is more towards splunk implementation strategy... trying to find answers for the following question in my mind on splunk implementation across 100+ applications stacks... if someone can help, it is highly appreciated

1) How do i evaluate, our current splunk implementation maturity for our enterprise.
2) do we have road map on splunk implementation for 100+ applications stacks... for example...
- indexing Infrastructure data cross all servers by OS
- Creating log ingestion patterns for various OS ( what index from linux, windows...etc)
- statergy for DB monitoring ( what index from Oracle, DB2, SQL servers..etc)
- application level monitoring
- Business flow......etc
3) How to make splunk as valuable product by enriching the data and make is usable for others

Thanks in advance

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Honestly, this is why you need a PS Partner. This is the kind of thing that our company does for most of our clients in an annual Health Check. It can be a very complicated question to answer and takes a good bit of discovery and experience.

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Hi @sathiyaraj1983,
I agree with @adonio and @anthonymelita about the opportunity to contact the Splunk Account Manager or your referral partner; I'd add ony one little bit: to evaluate the maturity level of your current Splunk implementation, you should evaluate if it solves the Use Cases you need.
In the same way, for the roadmap, you should evaluate what are your needs and after find the way to realize them in Splunk (the problem in Splunk is to know what to do not to do!).

If you want some idea, see the contents of, you'll find much inspiration.


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pretty verbose question here imho, if you are the entitlement holder (e.g. the client purchased the license), try and work with your Splunk SE or CSM tam member


+1 to what adonio said. Your Account Manager can help you with a maturity assessment at no cost.

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