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I have two indexes that have done to really high day age, I got a feeling a few of the PC's have had issues and gone back to default date. 

I looked around and can't find a easy way to work out what events it was or the host, I have came close but want something to say here is the smoking gun. 

Cheers for any help as per normal.

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I think checking into the field `_indextime` and how it compares to `_time`.  One former is the time that the event was ingested, the other is the time Splunk found and "put into the event".

| eval indextime = _indextime
| eval index_lag = abs(_indextime - _time)
| stats count as "Number of events", max(index_lag) as "Max", avg(index_lag) as "Avg", perc95(index_lag) as "95th Percentile", min(index_lag) as "Min" by host


Change the first line to match the index you are searching (wineventlog?  Windows?) and maybe add a sourcetype or whatever else. you need.

The second line - _indextime is hard to use "raw" because it's a special field.  So we just eval a new copy of it into a new field to use later.

The third line is the meat of calculating the difference between the two values.  We call it "index_lag"

The last line does your stats.   It gives you, by host, the number of events over whatever time period you have in the time picker, the largest index_lag for that host, the average index_lag, the 95th percentile of the lag for that host, and the minimum lag for it too.

That should

a) Give you a smoking gun

b) Also give you a lot more ammunition and knowledge about other things to search for in answers here if you need to do more.

Happy Splunking!


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