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How to limit datamodel_summary folder disk space

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Hello guys,

i noticed that the datamodel_summary folder is filling up my diskspace... How can i limit this ?

It is growing day by day with large ammout of GB...

THanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

you can restrict data model age.

you can create a volume for data model and use splunk volume management to limit disk space.
look at indexes.conf spec

you will need :
- one volume with the limit (by indexer)
- reference that volume for tsidx on index

don't set the limit too low or that would probably clean up too much accelerated data.

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@mbarbaro, you can lower the amount of days that your Accelerated Data Models are setup for to decrease the amount of disk space you are using per Data Model. This is all dependent on the amount of events vs the amount of time for Data model on how much space the _summary will take up.

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