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How do I make a report that compares search performance after reconfiguration?


Earlier today, we changed the searching (peer config) so that our search heads will only perform searches across 4 physical indexers.

We did this in an attempt to reduce what we think are issues with some indexer instances on virtual machines.

What report can I run that will best highlight performance for searches, comparatively? My head's awash in Indexing Performance vs Search Activity vs Search Usage, and I keep sliding down rabbit holes. And no, we didn't do the reconfig based on another report, nor did we baseline anything to work off of, report-wise. 😞

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if you have a saved search that was working for a while, you can quickly check performance leveraging the _audit index
something like this will tell you how long it took the search to run over time.

 index = _audit duration savedsearch_name="SearchNameHere" 
    | timechart span=15m avg(total_run_time) as total_run

if you removed indexer yesterday, try and run it for the last 3 days or so.

hope it helps

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