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How do I compare last week's and the current week's data for page loaded time to see Splunk Web performance?

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How can I compare the t_done event in Splunk Web performance for last week's data and current data?

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hi rck,

that is the example using timewrap:

 source="Perfmon:CPU Load" counter="% Processor Time" host="SERVER01" earliest=-1d@d latest=-0d@d 
 | timechart avg(Value) span=1h 
 | timewrap w 
 | where strftime(_time, "%A") == " day of the week"

For more informations, try following this link:

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Try using the Timewrap app. You can use it to compare two time ranges by adding it your search.

t_done=* earliest=-2w@w latest=@w | timechart avg(t_done) | timewrap w

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